Where is your Sea Moss Sourced from?

Ocean Moss sea moss is sources from the coastline and protected waters of St Lucia & Grenada.  It is grown responsibly & dived for by local farmers, who also are dedicated to preserving the local ecosystem.

How often do I take Sea Moss Gel?

The recommended dosage for an adult is 2 tablespoons daily & 1 teaspoon for children under 12 years and the best time to take your Sea Moss is during the day.

How long will my Sea Moss Gel last (shelf life)?

Our Gold & Purple sea Moss Gel Jars, last for approx. 3-4 weeks when kept refrigerated.

How do I keep my Sea Moss Gel Fresh?

Always keep your Sea Moss Gel in the refrigerator. Use clean utensils when taking it out of the jar.

How long will my delivery take?

Estimated delivery times vary based on your location but typically range from 24-48hrs domestic orders and 1-3 weeks for international shipments, once the order has been processed.

Can I use my Sea Moss gel as soon as it arrives?

Once received, please store in the fridge for up to 12 hours, before using your Sea Moss gel.

How is your Sea Moss Gel made?

Ocean Moss Sea Moss Gels are made to order so you get the most out of your shelf life.

Are there any Additives/Preservatives/Bulking agents in your products?

No, We promise our Sea Moss Gels are 100% natural, Organic, Vegan and Halal.

Does Oceanmossco provide wholesale options?

We accommodate wholesale orders, providing a scaled pricing structure and bulk shipping options to meet the needs of our retail and distribution partners. Please contact oceanmossco@gmail.com for further enquires.

Do you accept refunds?

Due to the specialised nature of our products, we are unable to accept returns or offer refunds once an order has been fulfilled (for both physical and digital products). We appreciate your understanding and are here to answer any questions you may have before making a purchase.