Ocean Moss Co

Welcome to Ocean Moss. 100% Wilcrafted Sea Moss harvested from the beautiful Islands of St. Lucia & Jamaica

This concept comes from a humble beginning, sincere intentions, ethical decisions
& a strong passion without exploiting anyone’s pockets or the environment.

Ocean Moss Sea Moss collection is for those who have a super busy lifestyle, for those who value convenience and efficiency, for those who want to invest in their health and feel the benefits relatively quickly & for those who like to explore the wonders, which can be found in Nature.

We’re here to make nurturing your health easy, simple, without compromising quality.

Pure Seamoss. Pure Health.

Thankyou for visiting Ocean Moss Co. Whether you have a question about your Sea Moss order or would like to give feedback, all is welcome. We love to hear from you. Lets connect.


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